Oct. 1, 2020

Will tech save the world...or end it?

Will tech save the world...or end it?

Technology in its endless forms has given us so much—fire to make food, language to communicate feelings, and iPhones to look at in the bathroom. 

But for each of these technology-enabled pros, there’s a technology-enabled con.

So how do we make sure that technology is used more for good than for bad? For starters, we focus on the ways the public and private sectors are working to ensure inevitable bad actors are kept in check. It’s a joint effort, and it has to be—especially as high tech like artificial intelligence learns to mimic and outperform human decision making.

To help us get to the bottom of a complicated, interesting, nuanced idea, I’m welcoming to Business Casual Kevin Roose, tech columnist for the New York Times.

Kevin brings up a lot of mind-boggling questions...but he’s quick with an answer, too. Some thought starters from the interview:

  • Where’s the real danger in tech? It might be a little less apocalyptic and a little more pedestrian than you think.
  • What would our biggest tech firms look like if they’d been created in China, Myanmar, Brazil, or anywhere else in the world? Different.

Listen now.