July 23, 2021

Update: What's Next for Business Casual, Plus Listener Emails!

An update from the Business Casual Crew on the show's return to regular episodes, plus listener emails!

An update from the Business Casual Crew on the show's return to regular episodes (coming in October), plus listener emails - woo!

If you want to send us a guest who you'd like to hear us interview, our email is businesscasual@morningbrew.com, or leave a voice message on our website: businesscasual.fm

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Alan Haburchak:
What's up Business Casual listeners. My name is Alan Haburchak, the new Director of Audio at Morning Brew. And I'm here with an update on Business Casual, almost a month into our summer break. For anyone who didn't hear our previous updates, we're taking some time off this summer to make a couple changes, to improve our show. But we'll be back with regular episodes twice a week, starting in October. You might be asking yourself: "What kind of changes are we talking about here?" Rest assured Business Casual will continue bringing you casual conversations with the business leaders and thinkers who are defining the cultural moment we all live in. Now, one change that is coming will be with the host of our show. We have absolutely loved having morning brew co-founder and executive chairman, Alex Lieberman host this show the last few months, but starting this summer, he's going all-in focusing on his passion project Founder's Journal, which you can find right now, three times a week on all your favorite podcast platforms. And soon on Morning Brew's YouTube channel as well. There are links in the show notes to subscribe to all things Alex. So check that out. 

Alan Haburchak:
Alex leaving means that we are in the process of finding a new host (or possibly hosts) for Business Casual. We'll be sure to keep you all in the loop on our progress with more updates like this during the summer, but in the meantime, if you have any ideas for who you would like to hear hosting our show, email us at businesscasual@morningbrew.com or send us a DM on Twitter @bizcasualpod. That's B-I-Z casual pod, all one word. And finally you can even leave us a voice message on our website, businesscasual.fm. And speaking of listener feedback, we've actually received a ton of great messages from you, the listeners over the last month or so, and we want to share some of our favorites with everyone.

Alan Haburchak:
So here we go, first, we got an email from listener, Kevin who wrote:

"Great podcast! Here's my one piece of feedback: I would like to see the podcast be more about certain ideas and industries rather than specific companies. Sometimes it feels like you were talking about a company and what they do versus an industry or trend as a whole. Thanks, and keep it up."

Well, thank you, Kevin. Really appreciate that feedback. We are absolutely interested in focusing on ideas and trends rather than specific companies with our relaunch of business casual. So look out for that starting in October.

Next up is a suggestion from listener Gosia who wrote in all the way from Gdansk, Poland to ask about the business behind COVID vaccines. Gosia said:

"It is pharma. So obviously there's a lot of money there, but how much and who exactly gains and loses is the refusal to waive a patent, a simple case of greed, or is it true that production of these vaccines would be very difficult somewhere else?"

Alan Haburchak:
Well, thank you so much for writing in Gosia. This is a huge and important topic affecting literally everyone across the planet. We are very into the idea of having a conversation with a business leader in vaccine manufacturing or distribution, and we're working on making it happen for an episode in the fall.

And then finally, we were so delighted to get this feedback from listener, Cristina. Cristina wrote:

"First, let me just start off by saying, I love the Brew. I'm an avid and loyal supporter. And as a boomer, I find it extremely refreshing to stay updated on our world and events by tuning in daily to the Brew. I love the mix of wittiness, sarcasm and humor and your very creative delivery. Our world needs more Brewsters that said I would love to see slash read discussions on travel post-COVID and especially going solo.I found the last year to be extremely difficult due to isolation, and can't wait to get out there again." Well, thank you so much for that email, Cristina. I know our whole crew has also been excited to get back to traveling, but we are also curious to see what that even looks like in our brave new COVID world. We'll definitely figure out how to get creative innovators from the travel space on our show in the fall to help us all figure this out.

Alan Haburchak:
All right. And that's it for this Business Casual update. We'll be back in the feed with more updates soon, including more voices from the Business Casual Crew and info on what you'll hear in the fall. If you have any ideas for topics we should cover or a specific guests you'd like to hear from send them our way you can email businesscasual@morningbrew.com or our DMS are open on Twitter @bizcasualpod that's B-I-Z casual pod.

Alan Haburchak:
And finally, you can leave us a voice message on our website businesscasual.fm. Can't wait to hear from you all!