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Way to go Grant

Solid interviews from a young journo gaining her legs and stride. Will only get better and more authoritative. Well done.

Good Podcast

Good podcast, [heres a word from our sponsors......] but thankfully we can skip over the sponsor messages.

Great interview with Daniel Schreiber

Really enjoyed this interview. Was especially happy that Kinsey asked the question, “do you think Lemonade is oversimplifying?” I get tired of the Silicon Valley shtick that blasts industry incumbents for being overcomplicated without understanding how they got that way. Glad you’re asking good, critical questions. Looking forward to the Kara interview. Subscribed!

Kinsey... No More Ad Breaks Please!

I’ve been a Morning Brew reader for about 4 months now. I really, really enjoy the newsletter so it was natural for me to tune into Business Casual. The guests on the show so far have been phenomenal and educational. There was one guest who I really didn’t like but the lineup has been really strong. Kinsey has been doing an exceptional job since the inception of the podcast. She is full of personality, knowledgeable and delightfully entertaining. I know that Business Casual will continue to evolve and excel. I just have ONE complaint — and it started on Episode 5. Prior to that episode, I was able to listen to the entire conversations without interruptions. Then, they decided to implement ad breaks. I understand that ads are important but it’d really be nice if they are ran before and/or after the show. During Episode 6, 8 and 10, I was absolutely engaged and enjoying the show but these ad breaks... I like to experience the podcast as if I were streaming Netflix — all content, no interruptions. Obviously this isn’t going to stop me from listening to the podcast, but that’s the only thing I’d like to be changed for future shows. Continue the excellent work and I expect to hear about more intriguing topics from interesting guests. I hope you read this Kinsey. Thank you for providing in-depth business content casually.


Not much of a commenter but I read a review that said the show doesn’t have good guests and I couldn't disagree more. Morning Brew is a company that is just finding its sense of exposure and although they don’t have a lot of “big” or “super famous” names on the podcast, almost every guest is incredibly educated in their field and breaking grounds and finding their own foothold. I think they do a great job of collecting guests who know what they’re talking about. Just cause it’s not Mark Zuckerbeg doesn’t meant they don’t have extremely valuable things to say. 🤔 great show!!!!!!! 27/10 recommend.

Great host

Kenzie is a really good interviewer and makes the show interesting. They have great guests from what I’ve listened to so far. Got into this pod after getting the emails every morning and seeing that someone from TikTok was a guest. Highly recommend!!

Love this podcast!!!!

Very intertwining and insightful. I love the different guests every week.

Best podcast ever

If you are a rc racing this is the podcast for you.the host is a YouTube who as a Channel and make videos on rc and the races he goes to.He is sponsored by tekno.

Good Stuff

Love MB and this podcast. Bring on Naval Ravikant! And keep the good episodes coming.

Love it

Kinsey does an amazing job!!!!

Downtown Josh Brown

The episode with Downtown Josh Brown is hilarious. He is super knowledgeable about how the economy should work and is rightfully frustrated with the current political situation.

Perfect for the morning commute

Loving Business Casual so far. The podcast takes their newsletter to the next level, perfect for the morning commute to work!

Favorite new podcast.

Episode one got me hooked. Great guests, insightful, meaningful questions, and great tempo.


This is my favorite podcast by far. This podcast is so engaging and interesting that, I am counting down the days until the next episode is released. I am really hoping the frequency of episodes will go from one episode per week to two episodes per week!!!

Show Business Baby

Best podcast out there. Informative, funny and interesting. I get excited each week for another stellar guest to sharpen my brain and nudge my thirst for knowledge. Love the content, the host and the Morning Brew.

Amazing content, very informative

So far it has been great guests and wonderful content. I’ve taken away many business gems from the podcast already. It’s a show I have a notification on to inform me of new episodes so I never miss one. Really enjoy it!

Great podcast!

One of my top 3 fav business/technology podcast❤️

Great start, excited to see what comes

Kinsey is bringing some really interesting people and topics to my life and as a young business professional it is always great to learn broad strokes to learn more about what I do not know.

So far SO good

Really solid podcast. Fun and informative. Touches on a lot of off the wall topics that I really don’t know much about. Kinda like Vice News in that way but at least this is not political. Just the facts. Keep it up!

Great new show

I am really enjoying this podcast after the first three episodes. I think Kinsey is a talented host who maintains a good balance between a fun and entertaining conversation, and an informative, intellectual exchange.

Great Podcast

Great podcast from a great and accurate news source

Typical brew style

Fun... informational...relevant! I feel smarter by the end!!


Lots of great quality in this pod. From the audio, effects, guests, lists, questions, and format it keeps me entertained and engaged. If you like the newsletter you will love this podcast!

Three episodes in and this is a winning podcast

I love the Morning Brew emails. Business Casual brings the witty humor and intriguing insights to my ears in just the way I had hoped. Keep up the good work!

Love it!

So far, I have really enjoyed listening to the Business Casual podcast! The second episode was really especially interesting and insightful, as I am hopefully one day looking to be a behavioral economist myself. Thanks for making the news feel real, engaging, and light hearted. (And don’t sell to a big company like Scott Galloway said you would #smallbusinessrules).

I’m such a brew fan!!

Already love my morning brew and now equally a fan of this podcast! Episode 1 was very insightful and thought provoking. This topic is definitely going to make an appearance in my classroom for discussion.

Podcast good, Betterment.. not so much

Betterment: “We manage your money how you would if you had the time to do it right.” Betterment: “Investing your own money is a huge mistake, no one can do it”

Intelligent convos for intelligent people

Kinsey’s a star in the making and the depth of conversation is incredibly stimulating. Looking forward to future guests 😀

Great Podcast

Amazing podcast! Great content and host is so nice to listen to! She makes the podcast!