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Great and relevant guests in laymen’s terms

Great show. Love the timely releases and always topical questions and themes.

Great Podcast

I really enjoy listening to Morning Brew and think the show has progressively gotten better. You can tell Kinsey does her homework and is well prepared for her interviews. I was surprised to see the prestige of some of the guests on the show but am continually impressed. Great job!

Fantastic Show

I never miss an episode, great guests and great conversation. Keep it up!

Fun podcast

I've been reading the newsletter for about a year now, and I just started listening to the podcast. Really engaging and simple to follow. Keep up the good work!

Well-rounded show

Business Casual has a great mix of marketers, entrepreneurs, leaders of social enterprises and others who paint a picture of the future of business. This show remains politically neutral while touching on points of how social causes and the environment influence short- and long-term trends. Kinsey does a great job asking thought-provoking questions while giving the show a laid-back feeling. My go-to.

Ray Dalio

Really enjoyed the back and forth of the interview. I liked that Kinsey was not afraid to push back and have Ray elaborate more on certain points.

The one Podcast I Always Tune Into

This podcast and the Email Newsletter are my one go to for business news. I always tune in and read daily/weekly when they produce content. Short concise distilled business/issues/current events that can be digested quickly and even dig into deeper, as one wants.

Great podcast

Love the topics and conversations. Great work on this one!

First Time Listener

I’m an MBA student and found this podcast to be incredibly insightful. New subscriber and will be tuning in for now on. Impressed that you were able to get Ray Dalio!

First time listener

I read that Ray Dalio was going to be a guest on the podcast. That was the only reason that I downloaded the shows and I loved it.

Ray Dalio

Wow, not your typical interview. Certainly, one of the best I’ve heard. Enjoyed hearing his take on the cyclic nature of disasters and social ramifications.

Love this podcast!

Great work Kinsey! I really enjoy this podcast and the information and insights that it provides.

Fantastic Vocal Fry

Love this podcast! Thanks for keeping it up and helping us maintain sanity.

I freakin love this podcast

Business can be so boring, but morning brew and the business casual podcast makes learning things about business wayyyy easier to understand and far more entertaining than any class I had in college. I feel like I’m just eavesdropping smart people around my age talk. Y’all are crushing it. Thank you!

Luv the content.

Kinsey, less vocal fry please.

Great podcast

Kinsey is absolutely the goat, whoever says different clearly has some other issues they have to deal with. Podcast does a great job of addressing relevant topics all while keeping them short and to the point. Great job! Love the morning brew team

Timely advise from top industry experts

During this time of uncertainty it is important to have access to hear prospectives from top business people in the country to make best decisions possible with your business. I'm really enjoying it so far!

Great information !

I am really enjoying it so far. I enjoy the daily newsletters and this podcast is the cherry on top to the morning brew newsletters. Don’t listen to the troll reviews! Someone saying the host needs a voice therapist!? Entitled mean people. That person should go to a therapist. Anyway, I feel the information is very diverse and not just one sided. This podcast is refreshing and new and it describes things in a way that are easily understood. I will continue listening. Thanks for the good content.


Perhaps consider the business model that inspired weyerhaeuser ideas of chopping down trees, and planting new trees, or leaving natural distasters for scientists and the world to be marveled at for decades, to learn how and what to hope nature to do. Money doesn't grow on trees, neither do socks, but the fruits of labor brought through the fresh air of living trees, is worth every penny.

Simply Awesome

Kinsey rocks as a host with her inquisitive questions. I am very impressed by her knowledge about business/tech news at such a young age. No matter how awesome and grand the guests may be, Kinsey stands tall along side them and puts on an impressive show. Keep up the great work!

Fat jewish-awesome episode

Loved this episode. I laughed out loud at the gym when he mentioned the ostrich and Bradley Cooper! ❤️ I follow him on Instagram but I didn’t know most of the information discussed. Thanks for a great episode and laugh.

Business Casual is my favorite!

Business Casual is my favorite podcast. The topics are engaging and I think the host (Kinsey Grant) does a great job at hosting the show. For an average length of. a 40 minute show, I never get bored with the discussion, the show has a great flow the entire time. The topics about tech, start ups, new business ventures are all exciting to listen to. Thanks for producing this!

Killing it

Great stuff!! Lots of growth since the beginning

Great podcast

Like any podcast, some shows are amazing, others miss the mark a little. Generally, the show is pretty good and has more hits than misses. It seems like it’s mostly a tech focused show, but I think it might be interesting if they did a deep dive on the Energy industry. Lots of potential for topics there from the state of traditional O&G companies, renewables, and energy tech (such as digital oilfield and blockchain).

Loyal Weekly Listener

I don’t know why I’m seeing 1- and 2-star reviews of this podcast. I decided to give it a try after seeing it advertised in Morning Brew for about a month and now I feel like I missed out if I don’t listen every week. I think Kinsey does a great job at making overwhelming or complicated topics seem a bit more accessible. I, for one, enjoy the light-hearted nature and conversational flow of her interview process. I think it not only lends itself to the light-hearted nature and conversational flow of Morning Brew, but it also allows her guests to open up and humanize business concepts a bit. I’m excited to see more interviews and where the podcast takes off from here!

Improving immensely

This Podcast has always come off on brand with Morning Brew Newsletter and has been a great addition to my day but I will say on the most recent episode with The Mirrors CEO, it felt more like an intensive interview (she was avoiding questions) than light hearted normal interviews which I really liked and respect as a sign of great journalism and helps lend credence to the other newsletters as well

these guests and the hosts are great

Business and economics talk always seems kind of complicated, but the way it’s being discussed in this podcasts and so nonchalant that I feel like I understand the world and US economy a bit better with each episode. I’m already a Morning Brew Subscriber and that’s how I learned about this podcast to begin with, but unfortunately I barely read and instead i got an earbud playing podcasts a few hours a day in my ear and this is a great edition to my 99+ queue. Thanks guys!

Awesome podcast, great host !

Loved your interview w Gary V, I consume a lot of his content but he summarized most of his current views in the 40 mins w you. Will definitely be re-listening to this one a couple times a month until I implement everything y’all covered. So many golden nuggets. Keep it up Kinsey! You’re doing awesome.

Very good interviews and information at the right speed

Please continue with the selection of business like people, that really understand and are less fluff ;)