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Best. Podcast. Ever. Thanks Kinsey!!

Great for all!

This review is long overdue! First of all, Kinsie is one of my favorite interviewers/podcasters. I think she does an incredible job at learning who she is interviewing before. Her questions are in-depth and her responses are not generic, you can tell she’s engaged. I love the wide range of people they bring on. I’m a business/tech nerd so I’m automatically interested in these topics but I’ve actually shared with a few friends who don’t know much about this world because it’s a great podcast to start with.

Beat expectations, great content

Kinsey is one of the most prepared, objective and dynamic hosts in the business pod space. She demonstrates the rare ability to research the depth and breadth of a topic and engage with guests to deliver incredibly topical insights. The dialogue between host and guest is natural and smooth, unlike comparable pods with a constant battle for speaking time. I came to this pod late, but much like their newsletter, it will be a regular part of my routine from now on. Great job, Kinsey and Brew Team.

Keep it up!

Really good content. Developing company / podcast with lots of interesting conversations and topics. Keep bringing different invitees and spice up the conversation with diversity in all areas.


Kinsey, I know you prepare as much as you can for these interviews- you have some haters who don’t know how tough it is. You’re spot on on some questions but perhaps slow down, breathe, trim your questions to allow the guest to keep with the flow... don’t embellish or put your own opinion in it. Less is more, you’re doing awesome, love the high caliber guests! I would be fan girling too!

Thank you!!!

Clarity, concise but insightful breakdown. And most of all, I love the podcast cover photo. So appropriately represented.

Love this show

great guests, Kinsey asks questions I’m thinking about it my head, topics are relevant. Thx kinsey!!!

Interviewing needs work

At first I liked this podcast and the wheel at the end was fun. I came here after a while to find reviews that I felt were too harsh. This is Business CASUAL, not business formal. However, it’s been hard for me to finish episodes. Sometimes Kinsey elicits the same things over and over, and the conversation gets so boring. Example: she “sets it up” by saying that for restaurants to survive in this pandemic, they need a competitive advantage, which is why what the guests are doing about building community is really good. Then asks them what their competitive edge is. Later on also says restaurants can’t just be about good food going into the future, what else should they focus on?

Informational and Engaging!

Great content. Great guests on the show. Phenomenal host!

Gold. Talk Cannabis.

This is a great podcast. 🤙🏾

Stop interrupting and cutting people short!!!!

You guys are amazing with your emails! The podcast is good but not great, the host interrupts too much and cuts people short for dumb ads, let them talk and finish can’t get ray dalio or chamath and only use them for 30 min with 5 ads in between. If that’s done better I’ll be more willing to listen to this podcast. Just ruins the flow and doesn’t get to the roots of a conversation

educational and digestible

good podcast for someone just delving into business

Informative and Practical

The reason I love Business Casual is the bite size ability to learn and progress with its content in such an easy and integrating lifestyle way. Def recommend!

Timely and engaging information

Morning Brew’s Business Casual podcast has continuously introduced me to a wide variety of business professionals. Each episode is not only engaging and informative but they’re also relevant to current events when they’re published. Many episodes have truly enhanced and enlightened the perspective through which I view the world. It’s an exceptional podcast that continues to impress. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for an interesting discussion or a way to stay up to date with the world.

Ray Dalio

Absolutely enjoyed the Ray Dalio 2 part series. Although I've heard Dalio, on several different podcasts, his take on current events amid coronavirus and how the markets/history are intertwined got me extremely hungry for knowledge. Kinsey continues to ask great questions and she's improved since the first episode as a host and the constant diversity in speakers/industries/topics keep me intrigued. Thank you!

The podcast for anyone looking to learn & grow

I’ve been a subscriber to MB newsletters for a while and recently started listening to this podcast, which covers a wide range of topics with a phenomenal host, Kinsey Grant. Plus, incredibly passionate & successful guests each time around. I learn and grow from every listen, and am finding myself taking notes at times. (Exhibit A being most recent guest Ray Dalio, parts 1+2. The man is a genius who wants to help & change the world.) In 30-40 minutes, each episode brings sharp & witty commentary that does a great job in trying to answer all the important questions young entrepreneurs, investors, or really anyone with a creative/open mind thinks about these days - like how and why the world works and what the future may hold. It shows listeners that anything is possible if you come into life with a positive mindset that can appreciate multiple perspectives. Highly recommend subscribing!

interesting and informative

informative podcast with thought leaders across the globe. I enjoy the insight into various business issues happening now and throughout history.

Great podcast

Morning Brew is truly an amazing podcast for young investors and those interested in learning from successful CEOs and entrepreneurs. I don’t have a business background, I’m in the medical field but I have always had an interest in learning more about business and investing. The Ray Diallo interviews were great. He broke topics down and provided evidence and facts on why things happen. Learning from the those who have made it big in their craft is best in my opinion.

Business Casual makes business fun!

Business casual explains complex topics in a very digestible way, which has helped interest me in topics that I’ve historically shied away from. Thank you for making the business world more approachable and fun to hear about!

My favorite podcast

As a current undergrad business student, I have enjoyed nothing more than listening to Morning Brew’s new podcast series. I find the content covered in each episode easily digestible while still interesting and challenging, and the diversity of topics and guests has been nothing short of impressive. From famous hedge fund managers to founders of unicorns to venture capital tycoons, this podcast really has it all. Come prepared to learn, laugh, and more than anything else, leave inspired.

Ray Dalio + More

The Ray Dalio podcasts were some of the best pods to date. His perspective was refreshing to hear, especially his optimism towards the pandemic and how this will all be a small blimp on the world timeline when we look back on this. Although I’m not as optimistic as he is, he brought up some points that I’ve never considered and I appreciate that. I also appreciate the Business Casual Podcast. I’ve been listening since the start and it has been great hearing the evolution of this podcast in real time. Keep up the great work!!

Ray Dalio Pods

Thoughts the Ray Dalio pods were great. His perspective is real and honest. We need more of that. But one thing troubled me, he discusses many topics like: - Redistribution of wealth (wealth disparity) - Those at the bottom - Education disparities - Taxes and impact on education in certain communities But he never mentioned race. Nor did the interview directly ask about race. Now of course, it’s possible this was discussed and didn’t make the final cut. If that’s the case I have to wonder why? As a black man (well educated one) with many white colleagues that I trust and love, I notice that in public forums they hesitate to call out race and the systematic racism in the US (the world) and its historical and ongoing impact. A incredible intelligent and thoughtful man like Ray must know this. It can’t be ignored, so to have such a great discussion on how capitalism is no longer as effective in achieving a common goal for the US, I have to believe be proactively glosses over this important detail. The same goes for the greAt host of the podcast. So in conclusion, why? Why can’t a man like Ray call out the realism of white privilege? He states It’s a zero sum game, is it possible he (and white people, especially white men) don’t to relinquish their ‘head start’? I think these are questions that Ray and others must answer publicly. Because there is no redistribution of wealth if whites people don’t think with best interest of black and brown (Latinx) folk in mind. This absolutely can’t be ignored. Thank you for the great pod. I really would love to discuss further with the host/someone from morning brew.

Love the pod, the topics and the talent!

It seems that no interviewee is a challenge for Kinsey. She's sharp, intelligent and does the deep dive research necessary to interview the biggest people out there with confidence and finesse. Love her cadence, opinion and that she puts everything on the table. Would enjoy if Business Casual brought more females in to interview since it's top heavy in testosterone. But I suppose that is a universal problem. Again, love the pod, the topics and the talent!

There’s no better business podcast

I love listening to business casual for many reasons. Number one I feel significantly more intelligent after listening, so why not? Number two, the guests are great and always provide unique and valuable input. And number three, Kinsey asks existencial questions that get you thinking for hours.


I’ve been reading Morning Brew’s newsletter for almost 2 years and I’ve been tuned in ever since. I’m glad I found a place where I can understand what’s going on and why it matters to me. And ever since they released the Business Casual podcast, I knew it was game over if they could execute... and they sure have. Every episode is bringing me tremendous value with great questions that I wouldn’t think to ask myself to these big shots. Keep it up, and thank you.

Great podcast and getting better

Feels like the podcast gets better every week and they have consistently interesting guests. Always at the top of my list to listen to

Great Guests, Relevant Topics

I’ve been listening to this podcast for awhile now, and I always appreciate the interesting and insightful guests. I found the Ray Dalio conversation in particular to be relevant to the current global situation. Loved that Kinsey was willing to push him on certain points in order to dig deeper. All around great show!

Insightful business topics

Fun, easy listen to keep up with business topics and trends!!

Good pod! Possible suggestions

They land some really great guests (Ray Dalio!) and can make some pretty dry topics a little more fun... Having said that, I think there could be more substance in the questions asked to guests to make the flow of the convo go a lot smoother.. for example, at times it feels like the interviewer isn’t completely processing what the guest has said and is just reading off a pre-prepared question instead... Overall though, good job!

Favorite Business Podcast

I’ve been a loyal morning brew listener for the past 6 months and there is no better way to start my day than reading a brew newsletter or listening to the business casual podcast. My favorite podcasts have been the Mark Cuban interview and the recent Ray Dalio 2-part interview. Dalio is an economic and business role model for us all and provides important insights on our economic future. Kinsey Grant does a fabulous job pulling information out of all the impressive business leaders that appear on the podcast, particularly her thought provoking questions for Dalio. Great work!