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Love the topics

Love this format and the topics explored. Always cutting edge, innovated subjects.

Fantastic podcast

Kinsey always has interesting topics and great guests. Very conversational, fireside chat format. Well done.

It’s great

Needs to move along with the buisnesss not be stuck in it

Talk slower

This would be better if you talk slower. It’s one (fairly quick) pace the whole time with no pauses or breaks. The tempo needs to be more varied and a little slower overall. This talking speed requires experience sitting at a table of gossiping Californians. Since you are talking about new concepts it should be at a different clip than a group of people all chiming in over top of each other with incessant commentary on so-in-so’s new haircut or whatever. You could add a few seconds between transitions too, like around the commercials. I think the lack of pauses and fluctuations make it unlike listening to other podcasts. Other podcasts I can listen to it at twice the speed because they are including natural variations and pauses in their speech.

chill, helpful, and because I felt like it

The Morning Brew Podcast is chill. I find it helpful. I felt zero pressure writing this and I'm only leaving this review because I felt like it.

Great podcast

Business Casual is a great compliment to the Morning Brew. Kinsey gets big-time guests, and does a great job of unpacking heavy topics.

Highly recommended

I highly recommend Business Casual to everyone interested in learning about business and business-adjacent topics from experts interviewed by the amazing Kinsey Grant.


An excellent podcast that makes me think. Been listening since the beginning!

Big topics, relatable commentary

I listen to the podcast during workouts. I’m a fan because it covers big topics in a relatable way. Also cool to hear prominent guests interviewed by a millennial peer. Favorite recent episodes were Mark Cuban and Andrew Yang. Also (and this is RARE): I stopped skipping the ads “from partners” because the companies are worth knowing about and the interruption is quick.

Insightful guests and always learning

Business Casual has consistently insightful guests with a wide array of backgrounds and expertise. I always come away from the episodes with a new perspective on the topics.

Highly Recommend

Kinsey Grant does an amazing job getting the people that she is interviewing to open up and give more information than I would normally expect. She goes with the flow with guests and is very good at keeping the conversation going. I would recommend this to anyone and listen to it as often as I can.

Love this Podcast

Wow lots of negative energy on here. The team at Business Casual do a great job of asking insightful questions. If you enjoy learning about other industries or listening to interviews with market leaders this is a great podcast. Kinsey asks informative questions across a range of industries making for interesting interviews every week! Keep up the great work!

Best pod

Kinsey grant is a true professional!! And I’m not just writing this review because she tweeted to do it, I listen every day soooo good!

Great Podcast!

I don’t know who would ever leave less than 5 stars. Kinsey is a phenomenal host and always brings on interesting people. Helps a ton with exploring topics you may never think about

Kinsey’s age belies the fact she asks questions like a gnarly seasoned pro

For someone who is in her mid 20’s (and I already have high respect for many journalists in this age range who make a great impact), but Kinsey who is so new to this medium, handles it like a pro. Her research and questions to guests are so thoughtful and insightful, it’s like a 40 year news journalist veteran is being channeled (or is casually inhabiting her mind). Kudos Kinsey.

Top 5 business podcasts for sure

The host is perfect, and the same with the guests. And also a little of humor keeps it entertaining, the quality is awesome and talk about the topic very deeply and passionate.

Really love listening

I really love this podcast because it covers so many different topics so deeply. Kinsey is a great speaker and host and I look forward to seeing whenever Business Casual has new episodes. Highly recommend for anyone wanting to stay up-to-date with what happens in the world and in business.

Entertaining, insightful and actionable! 🔥

Whether you’re well established as someone who can translate creative energy into the impact you want to have on the world, or just getting started as a catalyst for change - this is a must-listen podcast for you! Kinsey does an incredible job leading conversations that cover a huge breadth of topics related to the ins and outs of navigating an ever changing business landscape - while building a life you can be proud of - from leaders who’ve actually experienced success themselves. Highly recommend listening and subscribing!

Business made simple for millennials/ Gen Z!

Kenzie does an amazing job making large business topics easy and digestible for millennials and Gen Z people (recently learned I’m a cusper from this podcast). This podcast can easily be paired with your morning or nightly routine!

Relatable Business Podcast

Kinsey does an outstanding job diving in on relevant topics and asking pressing questions to get to meaningful content from her guests. I can always count on Business Casual to provide me with information worthy of further conversation with friends, family and co-workers.

SUCH a good listen

Makes complicated topics easy to understand, and fun to learn about. Big fan!

In Depth on Current Business Topics

Really enjoy listening along and hearing from leaders and thinkers to get more in depth background on what’s happening now. Started listening during COVID and enjoyed learning more about how the pandemic was impacting the business world.

I’m smarter for listening

This podcast introduces problems that I would not usually be aware of. I just finished the “Going for Gold or Going Broke” episode about the Olympics. I don’t remember ever NOT watching the Olympics in a year, but thinking deeply into the business side of both the games and the athletes was never something I’ve thought about. This podcast is great, and I’ve listened to every episodes. This episode in particular is my favorite though. Between the guest, the questions, and the overall conversation, I give it 10/10!

Thought-provoking podcasts

As always, Kinsey Grant’s ability to show her understanding of the material for the person she’s interviewing is unmatched and her questions are always thought-provoking and make you want to continue to learn more about the subject. Always excited to listen Tuesday/Friday!

Worth your time

In the age of numerous podcasts vying for our attention, this one will not fail you. The host asks insightful and thoughtful questions and I come away from each episode learning something new. I look forward to each one and highly recommend it!

“Yeah, it’s a [must-have] from me, dawg.”

A must-have podcast on your weekly intake of content. I have been listening to Business Casual since it’s inception and on countless occasions since then have had to, like most, reevaluate my content intake. From newsletter subscriptions to podcasts to media outlets, it’s become fairly easy to inundate ourselves in content and at times force us to optimize. Business Casual is as optimal as it gets, bringing in a fresh, FUN, and informative package of content very much characteristic of the Morning Brew newsletters. I have grown to love the variety and diversity of different topics, guests, and industries covered; from business to economics to current events and even current trends. Kinsey does an amazing job of keeping the podcast (oxymoronically) light with authenticity and dense with content. She asks questions not only those we would love to ask, but also questions that have seemingly caught the high profile guests off guard and thus giving refreshing, contemplative answers—opposite of the oft-quoted answers expected of individuals whose opinions are endlessly sought after. This is, again, a fun (hence casual) AND informative podcast/conversation, and, therefore, may not be your cup of tea if you prefer long-form monologues or uninterrupted dissertations—nothing wrong with that neither. “Yeah, it’s a [must-have] from me, dawg.”

Great Podcast!

A really interesting podcast that is an extension of their very informative email newsletter, The Morning Brew. Really enjoy all of the various topics that are covered on this show by guests that are always experts in their field. Always relevant and always interesting!


I enjoy this media outlet. Even when I disagree, I understand their perspective. Although the millennial conversation has me now searching to determine where I fit in the world, I am learning a ton as I build my businesses.

Enjoyable But...

I think that the guests this show pulls are top notch- it’s getting such a cool wide perspective of people from different parts of business. Now for the but: the other harsher reviews are accurate. The ads are alarmingly loud and sometimes I feel Kinsey thinks out loud too much. We’re here to listen to the insight the guest has, and as great as she is she is here to be a facilitator. Overall I still listen and will listen.