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Amazing Podcast

Great hosts and guests. Very intelligent and interesting topics. I missed Scott Rogowski from HQ.

Long time reader, long time listener, long time fan

I’m not gonna act like I’m not a little biased. I’ve been reading the morning brew since around 2017, subscribe to their other newsletters, and have listened to every episode of both Business Casual and Founder’s Journal the day it’s released. I’m super excited about BC’s new hosts Scott and Nora. Kinsey and Alex did such a great job these past couple years and it’ll be great to see some new energy on the pod. For those who haven’t listened, BC is an incredible podcast that follows all the big names in business in an easy-to-listen-to format. similar to the newsletter, there’s a lot of personality that goes into the shows and interviews and is far from something traditional yet somewhat boring like the WSJ/BBG. I learned more about finance, marketing, disruptive industries and tech than in any class in business school. 10/10 recommend.

Great stories to learn with

I love listening to business casual and learning everything about the topic and guest they cover! Always keeps me up to date as well!

One of my favorite podcasts

Hey I love your podcasts! Really informative . Read your morning newsletter every day too

Great for those interested

Great podcast for those interested/ entering the business/ finance field. Highly recommend!!!!


Absolute gem of a podcast. Don’t understand business? This is for you. Understand business but still looking to learn more? This is still for you. Little bit of everything for everyone.

Wonderful addition to podcast queue

Ever since I have started listening to business casual, I have really enjoyed it. A great way to stay up to date with what’s going on in the world around me.

It’s like coffee for your ears

What’s better than dressing business casual? Listening to Business Casual! Definitely subscribe to this if you’re interested business tips and insights from across industry. While you’re at it, check out Fresh Invest and The Founder’s Journal too. All 3 are worth a listen.☕️

Worth Your Time!

This podcast is a must listen for anyone in business and more specifically in the startup world! It’s a no brainer for me!

Favorite podcast

My favorite podcast. I love listening it to this on my way to work. I read many of the morning brew newsletters and this is a great addition!

Great show with great insights

I have been listening to BC since day one. It is great to spend sometime in the morning listening to in depth conversations about some of the most fascinating business topics. BC is a great extension of the already popular Morning Brew newsletter.

Exactly what I need

A podcast like this is exactly what I need as a college student. I want to hear the vocabulary used in the business world. I want to have context for business current events. And I want to hear about the experiences of entrepreneurs! As long as this podcast brings on relevant guests and executes their plan, growth will follow.

Great for learning

As a college student new to the markets, this show is a great thing to listen to on the bus or walking to and from class to learn hard concepts simply.

Great advice and motivating for entrepreneurs

Loved this podcast. Very nice discussion, thought-provoking and enjoyable to hear the hosts and guests interactions. Looking forward to hear the next episode.

Best podcast

This is the best podcast I’ve ever listened to. Super informative and the best way to start my day. Couldn’t recommend it more!

Pretty cool

Awesome digestible insight

Great quick hitter to start the day.

Show does a good job summarizing key business news, much like the newsletter.


Very insightful and keeps you focused on your business goals.

Life changing

This podcast is life changing. It’s the reason I get out of bed. Need. More. Of. This. In. My. Life.

One of my go-to podcasts

The new and improved Business Casual is so much fun, which makes listening a real delight. Props to Nora and Scott and the whole Morning Brew team for making awesome content!

Can't wait for the new episodes of this show!

Nora and Scott are already hilarious together, can't wait till they get to talk to business leaders and innovators!

Great show!

Love this podcast!

Business Casual Review

Great podcast! Great listen for the average person interested in business, finance, entrepreneurship, and career/personal development


The latest episode on the 7 rules of authentic connection is so interesting and so valuable. I feel like I need to listen to it another 3 times to really absorb all the information in it. The Founders Journal is great

Best BizPod

Seriously, unlike so many other business podcasts, this one is fun and engaging AND about the future of business, not just stuck in the same stories from the past. Thank you!


I understand that your model is to advertise but it can be done better. A lead in to when you’ll be advertising would seem to flow better. Thanks for your consideration and the work that goes into making a successful and informative podcast.

Great interviews I can action personally

Just finished listening to brand story telling and it was so refreshing, accessible and fun! Thanks!


The guests are interesting but are instigated by great questions.


Kinsey is an amazing host. Each episode covers a fresh topic. I bring up this podcast in so many different environments - friends, family, work! Thank you for all that you do. I can’t wait to see what’s to come for Kinsey Grant! She inspires me to work harder and learn more as a 25 year old female. Thank you.

Great show

Kinsey is fantastic at interviewing key guests and teasing out the valuable knowledge they have to share. Great podcast. Thanks Kinsey!