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NFL's N.Suh - financial literacy

The venture Mr.Suh is promoting/educating is a subject that is long, long over due for the population and he should be commended. It was good to hear of his collaboration with the pdx school system, something all school boards should have been on top of decades ago. PROPER COMPULSORY COMPREHENSIVE FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT STUDIES in high school would go a long way in alleviating much of the financial struggles (lack of financial/fiscal literacy) so many are dealing with. An hr/wk for one semester in the twelfth grade would probably suffice.

As Real As You Want it To be

Hi dear, I like to learn new things, Join me and your mind will be blown!

One Time Review

it was ok

Great listen, learned a ton

The TikTok episode was really well done, it’s a nuanced topic I’ve been curious about (the app’s stickness for viral music, celebrities v. a sound from an up-and-comer, etc.) but haven’t seen covered. Nice flow and two solid interviews


Nora is very eloquent and know how to lead a podcast. The show is very informative about business and how casual it could be. I’ve heard many celebrities listen to this and I is of no surprise.


Love how they keep it business AND they keep it casual. It’s my mom’s favorite podcast. My uncle likes it too (her brother). I heard Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga listen to it together backstage. Keep up the great work Nora and Seth!

Nora and Scott Bring the Business and the Casual

I think what makes the podcast work is the hosts don’t take themselves too seriously while actually having real conversations with guests. Nora drives the convo while Scott brings moments of levity, yet Nora also clearly has a great sense of humor. And Scott isn’t just comic relief - you can tell by his questions that he knows business more than the average comedic Joe. Overall, a really accessible and entertaining pod. I listen every week - keep it up!

Love it

Really interesting guests and I love the energy and fun the hosts bring to the show, Nora is the best!!!

Love the hosts

Nora and Scott have amazing conversational chemistry, I could listen to them talk to anyone about anything! They’re bringing on a variety of guests and telling unique stories that aren’t getting much coverage elsewhere. 10/10 would recommend to anyone

Business news from a different perspective

Relaxed and informative interviews with young business leaders. It’s a pleasure to hear business news from these fresh new voices.

A great for literally anyone

The way Scott and Nora get these business leaders to talk about the past, present, and future is top notch!! This is the only podcast I have ever listened to on the same day it’s released. I get genuinely excited for Monday and Thursday. Highly recommended for anyone interested in business or just hearing about what is going to shape our future! Love it so much!

A podcast for everyone

I have listened to my fair share of podcasts for the last 7 years during my morning and evening commute and this podcast was one that took my by surprise. Although this podcast is business focused, it is interesting for anyone who may be curious about the various topics covered and featured guests. Nora and Scott have seamless, funny, & educated banter that makes listening easy. 5/5 would recommend


New favorite podcast! Light, informative, and Nora is a gem!

They made the streaming wars fun!

Loved the episode about the streaming wars. They managed to make a potentially dry and dense topic really lively and accessible. Great guest (nice to see a sense of humor brought to the industry!). More Hollywood stuff please.

Episode with Guest Kim Perell

I tuned in because I liked the input and insights that Nora Ali provided while she was in the Cheddar network; so I'm interested in listening to her info once again. She also had a positive personality which is reflected in this episode. Kim Perell was an awesome guest and I'll need to re-listen to note some of the key points she mentioned. It was my first time listening to Scott Rogowsky, found him funny, and I think they make a good team. Now I have to catch up on the current episodes!

Morning Brew Does It Again

Another great addition to The Morning Brew network. Can’t get enough of their content.

So many great ideas!

Been following this show for long time and I’ve yet to skip an episode! There’s so many new things you learn about the business world and using other founders and CEO’s experience to better your craft. Highly recommend!

I listen every week

I like listening to the podcast, they have good content and interesting ideas. I listen to this weekly with my husband, it has become part of our routine in the mornings!

Do yourself a favor… subscribe

Light and informative. I enjoyed it and so will you.

A fresh cup

This podcast goes great with a cup of coffee, do yourself a favor, throw this in your ears on the way to work, it will become a daily routine very quickly.


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Best Business Podcast Out There

This is my favorite podcast. Always packed with detailed, curated content that’s easy to consume and packed with great learnings.

Best in the business of business podcasts

Do yourself a favor, and subscribe to this incredibly informative, entertaining podcast. You won’t regret it.

Enjoy the new format

Having Scott r back in my life is cool

If a Podcast could be your favorite cup of coffee…

One of the best podcasts in business today, not just because of the valuable information that is shared, but the delivery being so approachable, engaging, and reflective of the times without losing potency of the information. Gotta love it.

Really informative

I really enjoy this podcast and find it informative. Long time listener; first time commenter. Glad it’s back!

New beginnings

So excited for this show to kick off again. So funny, I love reading Morning Brew every morning and read Nora is one of the new hosts. Hilarious she’s one of my sisters best friends and awesome. Really enjoyed the first show and excited for more!

Keepin’ it Casual

Have really enjoyed this Podcast! Great add - learn already from the email but now adding this format definitely has helped me be in the know! Easy to understand and relevant topics. Excited for the new direction of the podcast!


Very informative, and always learning something new!


Very informational and easy to listen to!