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Great info

Love the podcast, Nora is the best always knowledgeable. A+++

Digestible and Inquisitive News Stories

Big fan of Business Casual. The Brew team always has the most interesting stories, shared in a manner that is easy to digest and that opens up opportunities for continued learning and dialogue. The Brew’s offerings all complement each other well; Business Casual is a great way to zero in on the business world, and I can follow up with Founder’s Journal — which feels like a one-on-one convo with Alex and the Brew team. Highly recommend!!

Love it

Love the business casual podcast. Listening to it is a great way to start my day!


A wide variety of relevant topics

Great Biz Insight

Always enjoy the insight to provide another perspective on biz challenges and successes. Definitely one to turn on new episode alerts for.

Solid Podcast

Great podcast with really insightful hosts. I enjoy listening to this podcast while driving to work in the morning!

Great show!

I have been searching for a business podcast to listen to for quite some time and this is it! Great way to keep up to date on what’s going on in the world and learn a few things along the way!

Stay ahead of the game

My tune to start a profitable week

I dig it

Morning Brew consistently puts out good content and this is no exception! Keep up the great work, team!

Great show

Love this show! Great insight to business

Informative and high quality podcasting

Very insightful information given in the podcast! Hosts are great at asking insightful questions that lead to great responses by well chosen guests!

Incredible Podcast

Fantastic podcast - you truly learn something new every time you listen. If you have a sense of curiosity then give them a listen!

Rent the Runway

This week’s podcast was the best one yet! I never fail to learn something and it’s always a great conversation.

Bobby Flay

I enjoyed Nora Ali’s interview with Bobby Flay. It’s the first time I listened to this podcast and liked the format. I’ll check it out again in the future. Nora Ali has a good personality and keeps the interview moving.

Great advice and motivating for people in any business

Love this podcast. Very nice discussion, thought-provoking and enjoyable to hear Nora and guest interactions. Nobody asks questions as well as Nora does. Looking forward to hearing all future episodes.

Great Interviews!

Watched the episode with Angie Nwandu and learned so much! She was very inspiring and it was awesome to hear her on Business Casual.

July 18 Episode

Bring back Bella from this episode!!! She should have her own segment

Awesome Job!

Nora is so full of information and does such a great job presenting it to her audience. So Proud of all her accomplishments. There will be more outstanding ventures coming our way from Nora! She is also very pleasant to view while discussing the topics on her podcast. You go Girl‼️ You got this💪🏼

Nora always finds the interesting stories behind the success of each guest!

I love listening to this podcast several times a week as each episode drops! Nora is such a great interviewer and really adds depth to each episode. I also love that the guests are always interesting and hearing the stories of their success is such an inspiration. Each episode strikes the right balance of being informative and fun. Nora is especially talented at digging deeper into each guest’s story. She finds the questions that I don’t even know to ask. Even when diving into the small details, Nora manages to keep it all relevant to the listener and reveals how each lesson can be implemented in anyone’s life. This podcast really rocks and I can’t wait to see where Nora takes it!

David Brown Government Contractor

Nora Ali is professional very knowledgeable and a pleasure to watch! She keeps us up to date and informed daily ! Keep up the good work and thank you !

Nora did so well!

I always love listening to this podcast. As an avid fan of The Morning Brew, they killed it yet again. I’m excited to listen to Nora doing this solo!


Nora Ali is a great host and has excellent guests providing a unique vision of the business world

It's casual! ☕

You don't have to skip the MBA, but you should definitely at least supplement it with Business Casual! Morning Brew has created an incredible space for learning from the best in business with this show - no matter the topic, I walk away with actionable ideas every time! Highly recommend.

Favorite pod to learn something new in business

Obsessed with this pod. I learn something new / unexpected about the business world every episode and they talk about topics I don’t really hear about in all the other business shows. Plus it’s entertaining / super easy to listen to. Keep it up!!

I only listen because of Nora!

Subscribing to this podcast was the most refreshing thing I could have done for my morning walks. Each interview is inspiring and Nora’s unique and inquisitive nature unveils layers of personal stories unlike any other podcast I listen to

Nora is phenomenal

Nora steals the show – I absolutely love how the show has moved in the direction of sharing founder stories rather than executive stories. 10/10 recommend!!

Very Very Good

The podcast very good entertaining helpful and enjoyable

Nora and Scott are Great!

The show is great! They ask great questions and contribute personal stories all while staying out of the way of the guests.


Nora and Scott are the best. Great chats about interesting topics. 10/10 highly recommend

New listener

So far I love it! It’s an easy and interesting listen.