Business Casual


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Great listen

It’s in my weekly rotation now!

Amazing podcast

I just listened to the Jenn Hyman episode and loved hearing all the tactics she used to adapt and scale Rent The Runway amidst challenging times. Nora asks great questions that pull out interesting stories from guests!

Everyone needs to listen!!!

Business Casual is awesome. The Bobby Flay interview was absolute 🔥. And the episode on how to deal with difficult co workers I think everyone needs to hear. Real world experience on what to do I think is extremely valuable.

Great show

A must in the mornings to get you in the right mindset and to expand your knowledge!!!! Part of the routine 🙌

Fantastic podcast, love the topic variety

I just listened to the latest podcast, touching on CBD. I think it’s super insightful the way Nora Ali hosts and runs the podcast as a whole, and brings on insightful guests that really dig deep and make it a learning experience

Inspiring, Educational, and FUN

Host Nora and the Morning Brew team do a fantastic job of highlighting a variety of industries and experts. This is my go-to podcast for both business news and to get a fun deep dive into an industry - whether it’s cannabis, fashion, or general career and personal growth. 12/10 would recommend to anyone and everyone!

Great way to start your morning!

I try and listen every morning, it’s a great way to start your day. Whether you’re on the road or at the gym, an easy and fun listen that helps me keep in touch with current events and all-things business related. Highly recommend!

The Best Business Podcast!

This is one of the best business podcasts out there. I love the hosts and how conversation like the podcast is!

Great Podcast

Love to listen to this while I’m driving. It’s such an informative and entertaining podcast. I would definitely recommend you give them a listen.

Great show!

Nora Ali is a great interviewer and the conversations are always interesting. Would recommend!

Inspiring Conversations = Inspired Week

I’ve admired the tone of Morning Brew for years, but the branch of the Business Casual podcast leaves me inspired and full on insight in spaces I’d never considering learning about. Love Nora - keep shining!

Excited to learn more!

Been following morning brew for a while and excited to learn a lot more. Also, lowkey want a backpack lol anyways, love these guys! Super fun and intuitive and truly enjoy the content they make every day much better than other content I take in.

Nora Ali @bizcasualpod

Great podcast ! Updated daily with relevant topics that are useful in my everyday business.

Best pod cast

I used to always watch cheddar because of Nora and know these pod casts are great, well informative. Nora is smart and talented and her violin playing is suberb.

Love it

This whole thing is just amazing. Way better than gettin my news from talking heads on tv!

The most beneficial knowledge piece

Following Nora Ali and morning brews podcast for a while. This show is so good and so knowledgeable. Recommend to all new founders out there.

Best Biz Info

Great source of world-wide business news

Truly a vivacious podcast

It’s great to get behind the scenes business perspectives from the many interesting and unique guests that come on the show. Nora is especially talented at interviewing in a way that brings out the best in each.


Nora Ali is an incredible host who asks all the right questions and has done a great job making each episode insightful and interesting

Great podcast!

Love this podcast! Very informative!

Good Podcast

Has a good flow and the hosts are great. Bring a good amount of interesting topics every week.

Great platform and host

Nora is an amazing host. I love the way she masterfully blends business and culture and also amplifies often marginalize voices within the business community through the show.

Love this podcast

Just started listening to podcasts and this is one of the few that I listen to on my morning walk. Very insightful and the hosts and guests make it fun and informative to listen to. Definitely recommend this podcast

Great way to be in the know

Enjoyed each week’s podcasts and helps me during my morning commutes with staying in the know of everything business

A fresh and unique Business Podcast!

I’ve always enjoyed Morning Brew’s content as they consistently produce high quality media educating us on the current market environments that change on such a rapid basis. I love the interviews so far on this pod as they have gave me new perspectives from behind the scenes of the industry!

Very informative

Amazing podcast love all the information !!


Great insight into the business world and getting different perspectives from insiders while driving to work.


As someone who has been working in the financial services for over a year now, keeping up to date with current trends and news in business and markets has been paramount to furthering my understanding of the industry. This podcast does a great job of making it easy for me to digest and review what’s going on in the business world, and I recommend people give it a listen!

Great and informative

Fun and informative, it's breaks down interesting topics into entertaining and digestible format. Learning a lot and keeping it fun. Ali is a great host


Awesome pod. Every bit of news detail I’m looking for. Been a listener for very long and I recommend to everyone I know.