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Be a better you

Make an investment in yourself, your brain and ears. Listen to this podcast and come out smarter. Simple. as. that.

Can’ wait!!!

I love reading the Morning Brew, so I’m excited about this new podcast.

Podcast the email!

This sounds awesome! Would love to see you guys do the email in podcast form for my 30 minute commutes!

Morning Brew and it’s new Podcast Rock!

Love Morning Brew’s content and style - and if the podcast goes deeper on subject matter and with a similar style in audio, it should be a big hit. Just wondering how long each podcast episode with be.


Best newsletter so obviously super excited for this podcast!

Business Casual is Bangin

Your written newsletter is a part of my everyday life and has helped me deceive everyone in my business and personal life making them think I know something. If Business Casual is as good as The Morning/Emerging Tech/Retail Brew then this podcast is bangin and everyone should listen!

Morning Brew

The Morning Brew newsletter I receive via email is very well done, thank you. Looking forward to this podcast!

Can’t Wait

Tuesday’s are about to be great, Kinsey does a great job describing the pod and what it’ll bring to listeners

I know this will be good.

Congratulations Kinsey


Sometimes I don't have time to read the newsletter before the morning commute. So excited to still get my Morning Brew but in the car now.


I’m glad you guys are doing this! If the wit on the podcast is anything like the newsletter, it will be gold. Good luck!



Can’t wait!!

If it’s anything like the newsletter, it will be awesome!!!

Cool podcast intro! Can't wait for the full episode!

I love, love... I MEAN LOVE your newsletter! It became a valid part of my morning. With you all the best with your podcast.


Can’t come soon enough!!

Great host voice

Dope host voice. I’m excited for the show.

Non-stuffy news with a dash of common sense.

The MB newsletter is a breath of fresh air in a staid and self-important business news environment. Counting on Business Casual to be the same.

Ear Drops by the Morning Brew

For starters, I’m not an avid reader and have been trying to get into it for about two years now. I was intrigued when a friend told me about the Brew. I immediately subscribed and just after my very first Brew I couldn’t get enough. I have been raving about it since and want to share it with the world! The Brew has now got me reading daily just after one week!! I love that it is an easy read, whilst being informative and fun all at the same time! Very much looking forward to the podcast,



Best business podcast trailer

This is by far the best business podcast trailer I’ve ever heard.

Great News!

Well, Kinsey Grant, it sounds like you have a winner on your hands! I look forward to listening in.

Can’t Wait for this Podcast!

Loving the Morning Brew and now a podcast! Can it get any better? Keep up all the great work and I’ll be looking forward to listening every week.

Brew Crew Fan

Excellent idea and even better execution

Can Not Wait!

With the way Morning Brew is written, I have already trimmed down my other podcast subscriptions for this one! Let’s gooooooooo

Can’t wait!

Can’t wait!

Can’t not

I just don’t feel rightly myself every day until I’ve had my Morning Brew


Morning Brew enters the podcast domain, I’m so excited.


Looking forward to this


I waited for a Morning Brew podcast for a long time! Can’t wait to listen to the first one

Can’t wait for the episodes!

The trailer does too good of a job - will easily be my favorite podcast as soon as it launches!