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Awesome podcast

The morning brew newsletter has been my favorite morning ritual for awhile now and their podcast has now become my favorite weekly ritual! Keep them coming!

Let’s BrewThis!

Looking forward to this new vertical for you guys. Best of luck and great start

Intriguing Listen

The morning brew randomly showed up on my podcast feed and I wasn’t sure what to expect. The length of the discussion was perfect for my commute and I enjoyed the thought-provoking analysis by the host. I cannot wait for Tuesday for the next episode.

Great Start!

Excellent and provocative podcast about the 4 Tech Horseman. Looking forward to more.


Great conversation! I am thrilled for this expansion from the Morning Brew team! Keep up the hard and great work! From , A truly happy and insightful fan

Brew knows what to do

I can’t wait to listen to this podcast every week! Love the overall theme and the different concepts they have planned

10/10 would recommend

Great first episode. Listened to it on my way to the office and while working out. Looking forward to more content!

Just as good as their news articles

Very entertaining discussion. I look forward to more.

Great interview with Prof Galloway

I’m a new listener. Liked your podcast a lot and I plan to be a regular listener.

Same Great Brew Content, Different Format

Super interesting and entertaining first episode. Can't wait for more!

Love it. Make it shorter.

Great content. Interesting. But think about the average viewers commute time... Should be 20-30 minutes max.

Incredible Content

Loved the first episode and will definitely be tuning in again.


Thanks for finally putting this out. I’m a fan of the email but time is not my friend. Get’er done and check out our Richards/Lerma ad agency podcast Loud And Clear.

Engaging & informative

Loved listening to this on my commute. Kinsey is sharp, articulate, and a great interviewer! I feel more informed and will absolutely be tuning in to the coming episodes.

Subscribe now.

Guys. This podcast is for real. No bells and whistles, just really smart people talking about interesting stuff that you need to know about. I’m hooked!

Solid start!

Really solid first guest and was extremely impressed with the depth of his answers. Definitely some interesting things to consider. Well done!

It will only get better

Great podcast, I enjoyed the first episode and got 2 great book recommendations out of it.

Awesome pod!

I skeptically tried this pod out because truth be told I'm not usually into interview pods - but this was awesome! Super palatable for someone like me who is not immersed in this industry but wants to learn. Great job guys!

Lots of promise

Posting this review after having, you know, *actually listened* to the podcast. Pros: enjoyable pace; relevant content; engaging questions. I also appreciate that the podcast is not trying to be just the podcast version of the Morning Brew newsletter. Looking forward to future episodes. Cons: mainly just the profanity (guest, not host). It’s intellectually lazy, so in that respect, wish it had been more like the newsletter.

Great Pilot

Great guest & engaging content for the pilot. Look forward to what’s coming!

Loved it!

Glad to get a little more morning brew in my week

First read and now listen of the day

Just adding this to the top of my list of podcasts to listen to first thing AM. Concise and packed with info. Paired with the news letter I read every morning, I now get a double shot of the Morning Brew. What could be better?

Dope Newsletter

Didn't really dig the guy in the first Pod but Kinsey is an incredible host so I will for sure be back to listen more. 5 stars based on the newletter being incredible so I am sure the pod will be too (dispite the first episode, but that has to do with personal opinon).

Strong start

Having Scott Galloway on your first episode was brilliant. He provides the exact type of commentary you’ve modeled the morning brew after. Great insights and flow. Two thumbs up.

Brew is the best

Love the brew and the podcast! Best way to start each morning

Need warning labels on Podcast powerful!

Often when trying a new service, an aggregator like Brew you are disappointed for any number of reasons. Just opened the podcast with the W&L grad and Brilliant NYU prof Galloway and it was fabulous more than fabulous it may have MADE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! The combo of the pair was too good, fast-paced nuanced, sensitive slightly flirtatious I didn't want it to end! Other than Dr Nouriel Doom Roubini and Monsignor 007 at the Vatican this is the greatest return on my daughters Ed at NYU John


Really excited for this podcast!

Love Morning Brew!

Morning Brew makes staying up-to-date fun and simple.

Morning brewer

Incredibly excited to hear what the Brew Crew has to say about the business world. Have been waiting for my favorite daily dose of news to take it to audio. Thanks!

On fleek

Newsletter is generally on Fleek, can’t wait to see what the podcast brings!