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Kinsey... No More Ad Breaks Please!

I’ve been a Morning Brew reader for about 4 months now. I really, really enjoy the newsletter so it was natural for me to tune into Business Casual. The guests on the show so far have been phenomenal and educational. There was one guest who I really didn’t like but the lineup has been really strong.

Kinsey has been doing an exceptional job since the inception of the podcast. She is full of personality, knowledgeable and delightfully entertaining.

I know that Business Casual will continue to evolve and excel. I just have ONE complaint — and it started on Episode 5. Prior to that episode, I was able to listen to the entire conversations without interruptions. Then, they decided to implement ad breaks. I understand that ads are important but it’d really be nice if they are ran before and/or after the show.

During Episode 6, 8 and 10, I was absolutely engaged and enjoying the show but these ad breaks... I like to experience the podcast as if I were streaming Netflix — all content, no interruptions. Obviously this isn’t going to stop me from listening to the podcast, but that’s the only thing I’d like to be changed for future shows. Continue the excellent work and I expect to hear about more intriguing topics from interesting guests. I hope you read this Kinsey. Thank you for providing in-depth business content casually.

Dec. 6, 2019 by ojesant on Apple Podcasts

Business Casual