Business Casual

Talk slower

This would be better if you talk slower. It’s one (fairly quick) pace the whole time with no pauses or breaks.

The tempo needs to be more varied and a little slower overall. This talking speed requires experience sitting at a table of gossiping Californians. Since you are talking about new concepts it should be at a different clip than a group of people all chiming in over top of each other with incessant commentary on so-in-so’s new haircut or whatever. You could add a few seconds between transitions too, like around the commercials.

I think the lack of pauses and fluctuations make it unlike listening to other podcasts. Other podcasts I can listen to it at twice the speed because they are including natural variations and pauses in their speech.

Dec. 1, 2020 by SeaTurtle2.45 on Apple Podcasts

Business Casual