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Entertaining, insightful and actionable! 🔥

Whether you’re well established as someone who can translate creative energy into the impact you want to have on the world, or just getting started as a catalyst for change - this is a must-listen podcast for you! Kinsey does an incredible job leading conversations that cover a huge breadth of topi…

Business made simple for millennials/ Gen Z!

Kenzie does an amazing job making large business topics easy and digestible for millennials and Gen Z people (recently learned I’m a cusper from this podcast). This podcast can easily be paired with your morning or nightly routine!

Relatable Business Podcast

Kinsey does an outstanding job diving in on relevant topics and asking pressing questions to get to meaningful content from her guests. I can always count on Business Casual to provide me with information worthy of further conversation with friends, family and co-workers.

SUCH a good listen

Makes complicated topics easy to understand, and fun to learn about. Big fan!

In Depth on Current Business Topics

Really enjoy listening along and hearing from leaders and thinkers to get more in depth background on what’s happening now. Started listening during COVID and enjoyed learning more about how the pandemic was impacting the business world.

I’m smarter for listening

This podcast introduces problems that I would not usually be aware of. I just finished the “Going for Gold or Going Broke” episode about the Olympics. I don’t remember ever NOT watching the Olympics in a year, but thinking deeply into the business side of both the games and the athletes was never s…

Thought-provoking podcasts

As always, Kinsey Grant’s ability to show her understanding of the material for the person she’s interviewing is unmatched and her questions are always thought-provoking and make you want to continue to learn more about the subject. Always excited to listen Tuesday/Friday!

Worth your time

In the age of numerous podcasts vying for our attention, this one will not fail you. The host asks insightful and thoughtful questions and I come away from each episode learning something new. I look forward to each one and highly recommend it!

“Yeah, it’s a [must-have] from me, dawg.”

A must-have podcast on your weekly intake of content. I have been listening to Business Casual since it’s inception and on countless occasions since then have had to, like most, reevaluate my content intake. From newsletter subscriptions to podcasts to media outlets, it’s become fairly easy to inu…

Great Podcast!

A really interesting podcast that is an extension of their very informative email newsletter, The Morning Brew. Really enjoy all of the various topics that are covered on this show by guests that are always experts in their field. Always relevant and always interesting!


I enjoy this media outlet. Even when I disagree, I understand their perspective. Although the millennial conversation has me now searching to determine where I fit in the world, I am learning a ton as I build my businesses.

Enjoyable But...

I think that the guests this show pulls are top notch- it’s getting such a cool wide perspective of people from different parts of business. Now for the but: the other harsher reviews are accurate. The ads are alarmingly loud and sometimes I feel Kinsey thinks out loud too much. We’re here to liste…


Best. Podcast. Ever. Thanks Kinsey!!

Great for all!

This review is long overdue! First of all, Kinsie is one of my favorite interviewers/podcasters. I think she does an incredible job at learning who she is interviewing before. Her questions are in-depth and her responses are not generic, you can tell she’s engaged. I love the wide range of people t…

Beat expectations, great content

Kinsey is one of the most prepared, objective and dynamic hosts in the business pod space. She demonstrates the rare ability to research the depth and breadth of a topic and engage with guests to deliver incredibly topical insights. The dialogue between host and guest is natural and smooth, unlike …

Keep it up!

Really good content. Developing company / podcast with lots of interesting conversations and topics. Keep bringing different invitees and spice up the conversation with diversity in all areas.


Kinsey, I know you prepare as much as you can for these interviews- you have some haters who don’t know how tough it is. You’re spot on on some questions but perhaps slow down, breathe, trim your questions to allow the guest to keep with the flow... don’t embellish or put your own opinion in it. Le…

Thank you!!!

Clarity, concise but insightful breakdown. And most of all, I love the podcast cover photo. So appropriately represented.

Love this show

great guests, Kinsey asks questions I’m thinking about it my head, topics are relevant. Thx kinsey!!!

Interviewing needs work

At first I liked this podcast and the wheel at the end was fun. I came here after a while to find reviews that I felt were too harsh. This is Business CASUAL, not business formal. However, it’s been hard for me to finish episodes. Sometimes Kinsey elicits the same things over and over, and the conv…

Informational and Engaging!

Great content. Great guests on the show. Phenomenal host!

Gold. Talk Cannabis.

This is a great podcast. 🤙🏾

Stop interrupting and cutting people short!!!!

You guys are amazing with your emails! The podcast is good but not great, the host interrupts too much and cuts people short for dumb ads, let them talk and finish can’t get ray dalio or chamath and only use them for 30 min with 5 ads in between. If that’s done better I’ll be more willing to listen…

educational and digestible

good podcast for someone just delving into business

Informative and Practical

The reason I love Business Casual is the bite size ability to learn and progress with its content in such an easy and integrating lifestyle way. Def recommend!

Timely and engaging information

Morning Brew’s Business Casual podcast has continuously introduced me to a wide variety of business professionals. Each episode is not only engaging and informative but they’re also relevant to current events when they’re published. Many episodes have truly enhanced and enlightened the perspectiv…

Ray Dalio

Absolutely enjoyed the Ray Dalio 2 part series. Although I've heard Dalio, on several different podcasts, his take on current events amid coronavirus and how the markets/history are intertwined got me extremely hungry for knowledge. Kinsey continues to ask great questions and she's improved since …

The podcast for anyone looking to learn & grow

I’ve been a subscriber to MB newsletters for a while and recently started listening to this podcast, which covers a wide range of topics with a phenomenal host, Kinsey Grant. Plus, incredibly passionate & successful guests each time around. I learn and grow from every listen, and am finding myself …

interesting and informative

informative podcast with thought leaders across the globe. I enjoy the insight into various business issues happening now and throughout history.

Great podcast

Morning Brew is truly an amazing podcast for young investors and those interested in learning from successful CEOs and entrepreneurs. I don’t have a business background, I’m in the medical field but I have always had an interest in learning more about business and investing. The Ray Diallo intervie…

Business Casual makes business fun!

Business casual explains complex topics in a very digestible way, which has helped interest me in topics that I’ve historically shied away from. Thank you for making the business world more approachable and fun to hear about!

My favorite podcast

As a current undergrad business student, I have enjoyed nothing more than listening to Morning Brew’s new podcast series. I find the content covered in each episode easily digestible while still interesting and challenging, and the diversity of topics and guests has been nothing short of impressive…

Ray Dalio + More

The Ray Dalio podcasts were some of the best pods to date. His perspective was refreshing to hear, especially his optimism towards the pandemic and how this will all be a small blimp on the world timeline when we look back on this. Although I’m not as optimistic as he is, he brought up some points …

Ray Dalio Pods

Thoughts the Ray Dalio pods were great. His perspective is real and honest. We need more of that. But one thing troubled me, he discusses many topics like: - Redistribution of wealth (wealth disparity) - Those at the bottom - Education disparities - Taxes and impact on education in certain communi…

Love the pod, the topics and the talent!

It seems that no interviewee is a challenge for Kinsey. She's sharp, intelligent and does the deep dive research necessary to interview the biggest people out there with confidence and finesse. Love her cadence, opinion and that she puts everything on the table. Would enjoy if Business Casual broug…

There’s no better business podcast

I love listening to business casual for many reasons. Number one I feel significantly more intelligent after listening, so why not? Number two, the guests are great and always provide unique and valuable input. And number three, Kinsey asks existencial questions that get you thinking for hours.


I’ve been reading Morning Brew’s newsletter for almost 2 years and I’ve been tuned in ever since. I’m glad I found a place where I can understand what’s going on and why it matters to me. And ever since they released the Business Casual podcast, I knew it was game over if they could execute... and …

Great podcast and getting better

Feels like the podcast gets better every week and they have consistently interesting guests. Always at the top of my list to listen to

Great Guests, Relevant Topics

I’ve been listening to this podcast for awhile now, and I always appreciate the interesting and insightful guests. I found the Ray Dalio conversation in particular to be relevant to the current global situation. Loved that Kinsey was willing to push him on certain points in order to dig deeper. All…

Insightful business topics

Fun, easy listen to keep up with business topics and trends!!

Good pod! Possible suggestions

They land some really great guests (Ray Dalio!) and can make some pretty dry topics a little more fun... Having said that, I think there could be more substance in the questions asked to guests to make the flow of the convo go a lot smoother.. for example, at times it feels like the interviewer isn…

Favorite Business Podcast

I’ve been a loyal morning brew listener for the past 6 months and there is no better way to start my day than reading a brew newsletter or listening to the business casual podcast. My favorite podcasts have been the Mark Cuban interview and the recent Ray Dalio 2-part interview. Dalio is an economi…

Great and relevant guests in laymen’s terms

Great show. Love the timely releases and always topical questions and themes.

Great Podcast

I really enjoy listening to Morning Brew and think the show has progressively gotten better. You can tell Kinsey does her homework and is well prepared for her interviews. I was surprised to see the prestige of some of the guests on the show but am continually impressed. Great job!

Fantastic Show

I never miss an episode, great guests and great conversation. Keep it up!

Fun podcast

I've been reading the newsletter for about a year now, and I just started listening to the podcast. Really engaging and simple to follow. Keep up the good work!

Well-rounded show

Business Casual has a great mix of marketers, entrepreneurs, leaders of social enterprises and others who paint a picture of the future of business. This show remains politically neutral while touching on points of how social causes and the environment influence short- and long-term trends. Kinsey …

Ray Dalio

Really enjoyed the back and forth of the interview. I liked that Kinsey was not afraid to push back and have Ray elaborate more on certain points.

The one Podcast I Always Tune Into

This podcast and the Email Newsletter are my one go to for business news. I always tune in and read daily/weekly when they produce content. Short concise distilled business/issues/current events that can be digested quickly and even dig into deeper, as one wants.

Great podcast

Love the topics and conversations. Great work on this one!

First Time Listener

I’m an MBA student and found this podcast to be incredibly insightful. New subscriber and will be tuning in for now on. Impressed that you were able to get Ray Dalio!

First time listener

I read that Ray Dalio was going to be a guest on the podcast. That was the only reason that I downloaded the shows and I loved it.

Ray Dalio

Wow, not your typical interview. Certainly, one of the best I’ve heard. Enjoyed hearing his take on the cyclic nature of disasters and social ramifications.

Love this podcast!

Great work Kinsey! I really enjoy this podcast and the information and insights that it provides.

Fantastic Vocal Fry

Love this podcast! Thanks for keeping it up and helping us maintain sanity.

I freakin love this podcast

Business can be so boring, but morning brew and the business casual podcast makes learning things about business wayyyy easier to understand and far more entertaining than any class I had in college. I feel like I’m just eavesdropping smart people around my age talk. Y’all are crushing it. Thank yo…

Luv the content.

Kinsey, less vocal fry please.

Great podcast

Kinsey is absolutely the goat, whoever says different clearly has some other issues they have to deal with. Podcast does a great job of addressing relevant topics all while keeping them short and to the point. Great job! Love the morning brew team

Timely advise from top industry experts

During this time of uncertainty it is important to have access to hear prospectives from top business people in the country to make best decisions possible with your business. I'm really enjoying it so far!

Great information !

I am really enjoying it so far. I enjoy the daily newsletters and this podcast is the cherry on top to the morning brew newsletters. Don’t listen to the troll reviews! Someone saying the host needs a voice therapist!? Entitled mean people. That person should go to a therapist. Anyway, I feel the i…


Perhaps consider the business model that inspired weyerhaeuser ideas of chopping down trees, and planting new trees, or leaving natural distasters for scientists and the world to be marveled at for decades, to learn how and what to hope nature to do. Money doesn't grow on trees, neither do socks, b…

Simply Awesome

Kinsey rocks as a host with her inquisitive questions. I am very impressed by her knowledge about business/tech news at such a young age. No matter how awesome and grand the guests may be, Kinsey stands tall along side them and puts on an impressive show. Keep up the great work!

Fat jewish-awesome episode

Loved this episode. I laughed out loud at the gym when he mentioned the ostrich and Bradley Cooper! ❤️ I follow him on Instagram but I didn’t know most of the information discussed. Thanks for a great episode and laugh.

Business Casual is my favorite!

Business Casual is my favorite podcast. The topics are engaging and I think the host (Kinsey Grant) does a great job at hosting the show. For an average length of. a 40 minute show, I never get bored with the discussion, the show has a great flow the entire time. The topics about tech, start ups, n…

Killing it

Great stuff!! Lots of growth since the beginning

Great podcast

Like any podcast, some shows are amazing, others miss the mark a little. Generally, the show is pretty good and has more hits than misses. It seems like it’s mostly a tech focused show, but I think it might be interesting if they did a deep dive on the Energy industry. Lots of potential for topics …

Loyal Weekly Listener

I don’t know why I’m seeing 1- and 2-star reviews of this podcast. I decided to give it a try after seeing it advertised in Morning Brew for about a month and now I feel like I missed out if I don’t listen every week. I think Kinsey does a great job at making overwhelming or complicated topics see…

Improving immensely

This Podcast has always come off on brand with Morning Brew Newsletter and has been a great addition to my day but I will say on the most recent episode with The Mirrors CEO, it felt more like an intensive interview (she was avoiding questions) than light hearted normal interviews which I really li…

these guests and the hosts are great

Business and economics talk always seems kind of complicated, but the way it’s being discussed in this podcasts and so nonchalant that I feel like I understand the world and US economy a bit better with each episode. I’m already a Morning Brew Subscriber and that’s how I learned about this podcast …

Awesome podcast, great host !

Loved your interview w Gary V, I consume a lot of his content but he summarized most of his current views in the 40 mins w you. Will definitely be re-listening to this one a couple times a month until I implement everything y’all covered. So many golden nuggets. Keep it up Kinsey! You’re doing awes…

Very good interviews and information at the right speed

Please continue with the selection of business like people, that really understand and are less fluff ;)

Way to go Grant

Solid interviews from a young journo gaining her legs and stride. Will only get better and more authoritative. Well done.

Good Podcast

Good podcast, [heres a word from our sponsors......] but thankfully we can skip over the sponsor messages.

Great interview with Daniel Schreiber

Really enjoyed this interview. Was especially happy that Kinsey asked the question, “do you think Lemonade is oversimplifying?” I get tired of the Silicon Valley shtick that blasts industry incumbents for being overcomplicated without understanding how they got that way. Glad you’re asking good, cr…

Kinsey... No More Ad Breaks Please!

I’ve been a Morning Brew reader for about 4 months now. I really, really enjoy the newsletter so it was natural for me to tune into Business Casual. The guests on the show so far have been phenomenal and educational. There was one guest who I really didn’t like but the lineup has been really strong…


Not much of a commenter but I read a review that said the show doesn’t have good guests and I couldn't disagree more. Morning Brew is a company that is just finding its sense of exposure and although they don’t have a lot of “big” or “super famous” names on the podcast, almost every guest is incred…

Great host

Kenzie is a really good interviewer and makes the show interesting. They have great guests from what I’ve listened to so far. Got into this pod after getting the emails every morning and seeing that someone from TikTok was a guest. Highly recommend!!

Love this podcast!!!!

Very intertwining and insightful. I love the different guests every week.

Best podcast ever

If you are a rc racing this is the podcast for you.the host is a YouTube who as a Channel and make videos on rc and the races he goes to.He is sponsored by tekno.

Good Stuff

Love MB and this podcast. Bring on Naval Ravikant! And keep the good episodes coming.

Love it

Kinsey does an amazing job!!!!

Downtown Josh Brown

The episode with Downtown Josh Brown is hilarious. He is super knowledgeable about how the economy should work and is rightfully frustrated with the current political situation.

Perfect for the morning commute

Loving Business Casual so far. The podcast takes their newsletter to the next level, perfect for the morning commute to work!

Favorite new podcast.

Episode one got me hooked. Great guests, insightful, meaningful questions, and great tempo.


This is my favorite podcast by far. This podcast is so engaging and interesting that, I am counting down the days until the next episode is released. I am really hoping the frequency of episodes will go from one episode per week to two episodes per week!!!

Show Business Baby

Best podcast out there. Informative, funny and interesting. I get excited each week for another stellar guest to sharpen my brain and nudge my thirst for knowledge. Love the content, the host and the Morning Brew.

Amazing content, very informative

So far it has been great guests and wonderful content. I’ve taken away many business gems from the podcast already. It’s a show I have a notification on to inform me of new episodes so I never miss one. Really enjoy it!

Great podcast!

One of my top 3 fav business/technology podcast❤️

Great start, excited to see what comes

Kinsey is bringing some really interesting people and topics to my life and as a young business professional it is always great to learn broad strokes to learn more about what I do not know.

So far SO good

Really solid podcast. Fun and informative. Touches on a lot of off the wall topics that I really don’t know much about. Kinda like Vice News in that way but at least this is not political. Just the facts. Keep it up!

Great new show

I am really enjoying this podcast after the first three episodes. I think Kinsey is a talented host who maintains a good balance between a fun and entertaining conversation, and an informative, intellectual exchange.

Great Podcast

Great podcast from a great and accurate news source

Typical brew style

Fun... informational...relevant! I feel smarter by the end!!


Lots of great quality in this pod. From the audio, effects, guests, lists, questions, and format it keeps me entertained and engaged. If you like the newsletter you will love this podcast!

Three episodes in and this is a winning podcast

I love the Morning Brew emails. Business Casual brings the witty humor and intriguing insights to my ears in just the way I had hoped. Keep up the good work!

Love it!

So far, I have really enjoyed listening to the Business Casual podcast! The second episode was really especially interesting and insightful, as I am hopefully one day looking to be a behavioral economist myself. Thanks for making the news feel real, engaging, and light hearted. (And don’t sell to a…

I’m such a brew fan!!

Already love my morning brew and now equally a fan of this podcast! Episode 1 was very insightful and thought provoking. This topic is definitely going to make an appearance in my classroom for discussion.

Podcast good, Betterment.. not so much

Betterment: “We manage your money how you would if you had the time to do it right.” Betterment: “Investing your own money is a huge mistake, no one can do it”