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PERFECT in every way!

Nora does an excellent job of being genuine, asking the right questions and keeping both the listeners & interviewees engaged. Nora has a perfect voice for podcasts. She doesn’t use crazy gimmicks or distracting tactics. Have listened to over 40 podcasts so far, haven’t found one I didn’t enjoy. Keep doing it the right way.

Good content

A good show to keep up with the latest business news. The background music is a bit distracting at times when the interviewer is speaking.

Love New Format

Nora is doing a great job with this new format. I like the ice breaker to start (not much of a fan of shoot your shot). The show is much better now than when it initially re-launched. Keep improving!


I really enjoyed this podcast - keep up the good work!

Amazing podcast!!

Such a good podcast to start off the morning! Very insightful!


Amazing Podcast! They always have interesting and amazing topics. If I could give them 1 million stars I would!

Love these podcasts!

Morning brew is such a great way to catch up on daily finance, tech, and national news! I love listening to them each morning!

Wow great and informative!!

Such a good way to start the morning. Always feel informed and up to date.

Amazing podcast

Easy listen! Love listening to this on my morning commute.

Podcast Review

I love this podcast! Really informative and given in a very relatable format! Love it!

Interesting way to conduct an interview

Just finished listening the last episode. Great host and great interview overall. First time listening the podcast.

Dope podcast

This podcast has a great way of getting my work mindset going. Put in earphones, put your backpack of work over your shoulders and just listen on your way to work/ gym.

The best!

I love listening to the podcast! It is the best :)

Great podcast !

Amazing podcast, very informational!

Must listen

Great podcast, easy to digest, and unique information!

Refreshing Perspective on Topics To Know!

I’m really enjoying this podcast and the unique perspective brought to it. Financial conversations are often talked about with jargon, buzzwords, and overinflated importance. I appreciate how digestible and fun to listen to, this podcast is!

Highly Recommend

Nora and Scott do a great job covering a variety of industries and business topics. I’m a big fan of the daily Morning Brew newsletter and this show is an enjoyable accompaniment covering a variety of business-related topics.

All around great podcast

Great place to learn from some experts of their craft. Highly recommend!

Simple, actionable financial suggestions

Some podcasts focus on items that are not achievable while others hit on concepts that are so universally understood that it borders on a waste of time. This podcast strikes the delicate balance between education and obtainable action items for the bulk of the listeners.

Love this podcast, start my morning off with it!

To the cut and to the point, this podcast is eye opening and informative! Highly recommend!

Fantastic pod

Relevant topics and fascinating interviews. Listen to the “budding” CBD industry.

Must Listen!

This is a great listen for any professional. The concepts are universal and really helps you grow your knowledge and what you can apply to your career & life!



Amazing listen!

This one definitely one of my favorite podcasts to listen to. Would recommend it to all of my friends! I have been a morning brew reading for quite some time now and I absolutely love the podcasts!

Commute In

I have a 40 minute commute to and from work every day. Great listen on the way to work to start the day.

Great podcast

Very informative podcast: they do a great job at keeping episodes relevant and interesting!

Awesome podcast

Great way to start the day!

Easy to listen to and enjoyable

Definitely spend some time listening when you get the chance. Some episodes are short and can make your daily commute awesome.

Amazing podcast!

Easy to follow, understand, and consume!!

Love the podcast

Great listening all around