May 27, 2021

Oprah rebranded, you can too

Arianna Davis joins us to discuss the ins and outs of rebranding.

We’ve seen some pretty great rebrands over the past few years, from Oatly moving from niche Swedish brand to the American dairy industry's rival, to Drunk' dropping the "donuts" in its name. Today, we dig into the strategies, considerations, and challenges of rebranding with Arianna Davis, the Senior Director of Editorial & Strategy of Oprah’s recently relaunched lifestyle brand, Oprah Daily

Oprah’s brand began as O, the Oprah Magazine, and with the help of Arianna, launched a digital extension in 2018 that became the fastest growing website launch in Hearst history. This year, Arianna led a relaunch of the entire brand, now called Oprah Daily. All the while, she also penned What Would Frida Do? A Guide to Living Boldly.