Sept. 17, 2020

How much money does it take to have a kid?

A fact, money is probably the most important factor in deciding to have a baby. When we have more money, we feel better about bringing new life into the world. 

But “more money” hasn’t exactly been a defining quality of 2020. We’re in a recession and a global health crisis...having babies isn’t high on the priority list for many Americans. You know what that means for the economy if you listened to our last episode.

Now, get a better understanding of why money impacts the decision to start or grow a family. This episode with Modern Fertility CEO and Robinhood of reproductive health Afton Vechery will give you the answers you need to comprehend what factors influence the decision to have children, especially during these very weird times.

Understanding the motivations for delaying or entirely canceling plans to have kids? It might give us a whole new paradigm for discerning how fertility and GDP are’s not just money in the economy, it’s money in your personal bank accounts.

Listen now.