Dec. 29, 2020

Gary Vaynerchuk: Booze can do better

Empathy Wines founder Gary Vaynerchuk delivers impressive and impassioned insight on the booze industry, why it’s broken, and how we fix it.

How do you know the alcoholic beverage industry is broken? When it leaves enture swaths of potential drinkers out to dry. 

According to digital marketing expert and wine entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk, that’s exactly what’s happening in alcohol as we speak—inaccessible prices, rampant information gatekeeping, and a lack of connection to younger customers has created a potentially lethal combination for an enormous booze industry.

So what comes next? That’s what we’re talking about this week on Business Casual—how the alcoholic beverage space evolves and innovates to serve all customers, not just rich ones. 

Don’t miss Gary V’s impressive and impassioned insight on an industry desperate for just that. Listen now.