Feb. 22, 2021

Forget everything you know about bankruptcy

Forget everything you know about bankruptcy

What comes to mind when you think about bankruptcy? Sears? Liquidation sales? The sleepy Zzz emoji? Look, I get it—unless you’re a lawyer or a CFO, bankruptcy probably isn’t something you consider very sexy. Or consider at all.

But chances are, you’re not thinking about bankruptcy in the way you should be. It’s not a last ditch effort for a failure in capitalism. It’s a financial tool rife with opportunity. 

And as we (eventually) move into the post-Covid world, financial tools like bankruptcy used to unlock potential are going to be the actual new normal. It’s time we understood what bankruptcy is, why it matters so much in corporate America, and how it fits into our evolving economy.

Today, get a masterclass on a topic you never knew you needed to know about...bankruptcy. I’m bringing in law professor and bankruptcy expert Jared Ellias to school all of us on the B word.