Jan. 7, 2021

Fitness influencers did it first

The fitness industry is moving from physical to digital offerings post-Covid. What can they learn from the influencers who’ve been banking on at-home exercise for decades? Let’s find out.

The fitness industry has experienced irreversible change over the last year or so. It’s become abundantly clear that digital offerings are the future—we’ve gotten used to working out at home and guess what...we even like it. 

But before Peloton sold its first bike or Equinox launched its first app, there was a cohort of fitness business leaders making enormous bets on at-home exercise: digital fitness influencers.

Today on Business Casual, we’re bringing in one of the OGs of the fitness influencer economy, Cassey Ho—the genius behind the Blogilates empire and its millions of devout followers. You don’t want to miss it.