March 15, 2021

Could you be the next Marc Andreessen or Mary Meeker?

How might the roles of venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, and everyday folks in our modern economy change if anyone can add “investor” to their Twitter bio? Ken Nguyen of Republic explains.

It’s possible, thanks to the advent of a relatively new financial tool called equity crowdfunding. It’s opening up venture capital—and venture capital returns—to everyone, regardless of how much they make or where they are. Consider this another step toward a fully democratized financial world.

Sounds good, right? Absolutely...but where equity crowdfunding goes, change and its fallout inevitably follow. How might the role of the venture capitalist change if anyone can add “investor” to their Twitter bio? And what might a crowdfunded future mean for eager entrepreneurs?

Today, we’re finding out with Ken Nguyen, cofounder and CEO of the equity crowdfunding platform Republic. Don’t miss it.