Jan. 28, 2021

Could betting bring back wayward sports fans?

Could betting bring back wayward sports fans?

No one watches professional sports the way they used to. Could legalized, regulated sports betting solve that problem? The answer remains to be seen, but the question remains worth asking.

Because at the end of the day, we live and work and spend our money in an attention economy. We’re short on time and quick to duck out if the media in front of us can’t keep us engaged. That has spelled disaster for professional sports leagues, rife with cash but low on innovative thinking.

What if, though, sports betting could speed up the pace of traditional sports competitions, get us re-engaged with league content, and even bring in a new swath of fans never before seen in the stands at an NFL game?

It might be possible. But then again it might not be, explains today’s guest, sports business expert Darren Rovell. Don’t miss this episode if you’ve ever wondered about the ways innovation inches through business strategy.