Jan. 11, 2021

Can esports dominate the attention economy?

Esports are the next frontier of both the attention economy and the wildly profitable sports industry. Listen to this episode to learn how esports got there.

All signs point to yes. After nearing the mainstream jackpot this year, competitive video gaming is hitting its stride...and coming for traditional sports in a major way.

But how have esports made the jump from fringe timesuck to mainstream entertainment in a matter of years? Who really holds the power in the new frontier of competitive gaming? And what does esports’ newfound muscle mean for more traditional sports?

Today, we’re finding out with John Robinson, president and COO of gaming org and lifestyle brand 100 Thieves.

Listen to this episode for 1) a good time 2) a look at what mainstream attention means for a fledgling business and 3) an idea of how the wide world of sports is changing every single day.