Feb. 8, 2021

Building the future takes moonshot thinking

Moonshot ideas are building our shared future. How do we make sure they build a future worth sticking around for? Let’s find out.

Moonshots are ideas so big, they’re considered impossible. They require big picture thinking. They require human ingenuity. And they require money.

Today on Business Casual, we’re discovering just how vital these one-in-a-million moonshot ideas are to the future of our economy and humanity writ large. How do we create a world in which moonshot thinking happens regularly? How do we make sure moonshots get the backing they need, both in production and in market?

And what might be the next moonshot idea to change the world as we know it?

Get answers to all of those questions and so many more with Josh Wolfe, cofounder and managing partner at moonshot investing firm Lux Capital.