Aug. 17, 2021

BTS: Business Casual’s Relaunch

Introducing our new audio team and sharing some exciting updates for the show's relaunch.

Today, we’re taking you behind the scenes to meet the new audio team behind Business Casual’s relaunch. We’re also filling you in about some exciting new changes to come this fall.

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Alan Haburchak: Hey Business Casual listeners, this is Alan Haburchak, Director of Audio here at Morning Brew, and I'm back in the feed with another exciting update on Business Casual. In case you missed any of our previous updates, we are taking some time this summer to make a couple changes to improve and re-imagine our show. But rest assured, we'll be back with regular episodes twice a week, beginning the first week in October. And today, we've got some big news.

Meet Our Senior Producer

AH: I'm happy to introduce our new Business Casual audio team. With me here in the studio is our senior producer who is leading our relaunch, Katherine Milsop. Hi, Katherine. Hi, Alan. Excited to be here. Katherine joins us from WNYC, where she made live radio for the past six years.

Katherine Milsop: Yes, and I can't wait to bring the energy and spontaneity of a live show to our conversations with the biggest leaders and thinkers on Business Casual. But, I can't do that without our team of talented producers. So I'm introducing our producers, Bella Hutchins and Daniel Marcus. Hi Bella. Hi Daniel.

Meet Our Producers

Bella Hutchins: Hey!

Daniel Markus: Hey!

KM: Bella and Daniel, tell us a little bit about yourself. Let's start with Bella.

BH: Hey everyone! I started working at Business Casual this year as my first job after college, and I truly couldn't be happier. I'm so excited to be part of all the amazing changes happening during this relaunch, and can't wait to share them with all of you.

DM: And I'm Business Casual's resident audio nerd. I fix broken audio, make our podcast sound its best, work on music, and produce episodes. I'm also the person who's helping develop the new sound of our show, which is something that you'll get to hear pretty soon, because...

Business Casual's Relaunch

KM: Business Casual will be back with twice weekly episodes in October. We're also getting ready to announce the names of our two new fabulous co-hosts. So, stay tuned for that. In the meantime, you can sign up for our weekly newsletter at

Money Scoop

KM: We also want to let you know that Money Scoop, a twice weekly personal finance newsletter that makes you smarter about your money, just launched today. So, be sure to sign up for that now at

We Want to Hear from You

AH: And if you have any ideas for topics we should cover or specific guests, you'd like to hear from on Business Casual, send them our way. You can email or our DMSs are open on Twitter @bizcasualpod, that's B I Z casual pod. You can also leave us a voice message on our website, Can't wait to hear from you all and we'll be back soon.