Oct. 1, 2020

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Hey! Welcome to Business Casual. After 1 year of making this show, here’s a list of my top 5 episodes from the last 12 months in chronological order:

  1. This episode with Dan Schreiber was one of the first times I felt like we were digging deeper than a headline. Lemonade also IPO’d since this interview which leads me to believe an interview with me is good luck??
  2. Fat Jew gave me a sore throat from laughing. it was almost two hours of raw audio which is one of our longest recordings...but like how do you stop when you’re having that much fun talking shit about influencers.
  3. Mark Cuban told me we could record if we did it almost immediately. Turns out no prep actually makes for a pretty fun and insightful conversation. Doesn’t hurt when the subject is Mark Cuban and his vocal criticism of D.C. though
  4. Andrew Yang is a BFD for a reason. He packed more insight re: automation, data privacy, and the future of our economy into a 45-min convo than most semester-long seminars. The #YangGang also came out big time for this one, so blue hat emojis off to you.
  5. Scott Galloway was our first guest so bringing him back on for a totally different topic (higher ed) almost a year later was special. Here’s to hoping my interview skills improved from September 2019.