Feb. 25, 2021

Bankruptcy: So hot right now

What makes a bankrupt brand worth salvaging? Today, we find out with one of the best corporate resuscitators in business.

What makes a bankrupt brand worth saving? Is it something financial, like EBITDA or debt load? Or is it something more intangible, like legacy or brand association?

Today, we’re finding out. Because bankruptcies happen all the time...and they don’t always end in flames. Some brands—plenty you’ve supported—have filed for bankruptcy only to come back stronger when partnered up with the right buyer.

I’m bringing in Authentic Brands Group President and CMO Nick Woodhouse to explain when bankrupt = broke and when bankrupt = buy of the century.

If you’ve ever felt nostalgic for a bankrupt brand of yesteryear...this episode is for you. Grab your Juicy tracksuit and press play.